Artiest Albumtitel Auteur Datum
The Low Cards The Low Cards Rein van den Berg 15 Nov 2017
Susanne Sundfør Music For People In Trouble Koos Gijsman 15 Nov 2017
Bear Valour In October Theo Volk 15 Nov 2017
Ralph de Jongh & Ewa Pepper Breath of Live Theo Volk 15 Nov 2017
Peter Oren Anthropocene Rein van den Berg 12 Nov 2017
The War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding Koos Gijsman 12 Nov 2017
Sheewawah Alles in Kleur Theo Volk 11 Nov 2017
BlitzenTrapper Wild And Reckless Paul Heyblom 10 Nov 2017
Jeffrey Martin One Go Around Rein van den Berg 9 Nov 2017
Son Little New Magic Koos Gijsman 7 Nov 2017
Michael Franks Sleeping Gypsy Rein van den Berg 7 Nov 2017
Rod Picott Out Past the Wires Rein van den Berg 6 Nov 2017
Hayward Williams Pretenders Rein van den Berg 5 Nov 2017
Anna Mitchell Anna Mitchell Theo Volk 5 Nov 2017
Steven Wilson To The Bone Koos Gijsman 3 Nov 2017
Findlay Napier Glasgow Theo Volk 3 Nov 2017
Robert Cline jr. American Mojo Paul Heyblom 2 Nov 2017
Eriksson & Delcroix & Sun*Sun*Sun Orchestra Magic Marker Love Theo Volk 1 Nov 2017
Wolf Alice Visions Of A Life Koos Gijsman 30 Oct 2017
Jeff Mix & The Songhearts Lost Vegas Hiway Paul Heyblom 30 Oct 2017
Tim Buckley Greetings from West Hollywood Rein van den Berg 29 Oct 2017
Jillette Johnson All I Ever See In You Is Me Rein van den Berg 26 Oct 2017
Dr. John The Atco Albums Collection Box Set Koos Gijsman 26 Oct 2017
The Deep Dark Woods Yarrow Theo Volk 24 Oct 2017
Peter Bruntnell Nos Da Comrade Koos Gijsman 22 Oct 2017
JW Roy & The Royal Family A Room Full Of Strangers Ed Muitjens 22 Oct 2017
Turnpike Troubadours A Long Way From Your Heart Paul Heyblom 21 Oct 2017
Wendy Colonna No Moment But Now Theo Volk 21 Oct 2017
Jim Byrnes Long Hot Summer Days Rein van den Berg 21 Oct 2017
Greg Allman Southern Blood Ed Muitjens 21 Oct 2017
The White Buffalo Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights Paul Heyblom 20 Oct 2017
Bill Evans Another Time Koos Gijsman 19 Oct 2017
Too Sad for the Public Vol. 1 Oysters Ice Cream & Lemonade Theo Volk 17 Oct 2017
Martin Simpson Trails & Tribulations Koos Gijsman 14 Oct 2017
Warner E. Hodges Right Back Where I Started Paul Heyblom 14 Oct 2017
Anna Coogan The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time Ed Muitjens 14 Oct 2017
Linde Nijland The Jukebox Project Theo Volk 14 Oct 2017
Charlie Dore Dark Matter Theo Volk 12 Oct 2017
Dave Reader Rednecks Railroads and Rust Paul Heyblom 12 Oct 2017
Chris Hillman Bidin' My Time Koos Gijsman 11 Oct 2017
Tine Thing Helseth Never Going Back Theo Volk 9 Oct 2017
Lizz Wright Grace Ed Muitjens 8 Oct 2017
Nordgarden Changes Theo Volk 8 Oct 2017
Danish String Quartet Last Leaf Hans Jansen 8 Oct 2017
H.T. Roberts Stalemate Days Theo Volk 8 Oct 2017
Gill Landry Love Rides A Dark Horse Koos Gijsman 7 Oct 2017
Great American Taxi Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show Paul Heyblom 6 Oct 2017
Jeremy Pinnell Ties Of Blood And Affection Paul Heyblom 4 Oct 2017
Ane Brun Leave Me Breathless Theo Volk 2 Oct 2017
Egil Olsen You and Me Against the World Theo Volk 2 Oct 2017