Down by the River

8-5-2017 door johnsmits

We are very proud to be inviting you to the third annual edition of Down By The River. This festival, held on May 14th, is organized by Poppodium Grenswerk in cooperation with yours truly. Down By The River is a new roots festivals, emphasizing on renewing roots and alt-country music. This year marks the first edition we're using the beautiful Joriskerk in addition to the halls at Poppodium Grenswerk. Previously we've been organizing shows at the Joriskerk for Sam Outlaw and Mandolin Orange under the moniker Down By The River Presents here and this was to great joy for us. This year Christopher Paul Stelling and Tim Knol will be taking the stage here.The line-up further contains the like of Fred Eaglesmith, Gregory Page, Baptise W. Hamon, Cale Tyson, The Dawn Brothers, Matt Watts, Leadbeaters and Any Vegetable. Find out more about the selection of bands we're presenting at this year's festival underneath.Date: 14 May 2017Starts: 15:30Tickets: €23,50 pre-sale / €27,50  Award-winning, acclaimed singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith's talent for story telling through his songs continues to draw universal appeal and pushes the craft to a higher form. And on his new studio album, Standard, Eaglesmith’s indelible characters and narratives jump to life and leave listeners satisfied even amongst imperfections and broke down machines and relationships.On his 18th studio album, Eaglesmith dives deep into themes of separation, loss, romantic disillusionment — and mechanical contraptions, new and old. A dozen songs are given spare, wide-open arrangements that allow Eaglesmith’s deliciously grizzled vocals and the richly rendered emotions of his lyrics resonate deeply en route to a reassuringly uplifting closing number, the exquisitely bittersweet “Mr. Rainbow.” – LA TimesSo It Goes tells the story of an Irish/Armenian immigrant coming to America & looking at life through the lens of music. Gregory Page has captured each image in this carefully chosen new collection of original songs with stunning realism, sensitivity and humor. Banjo & cello, guitar string and heartstrings are the range of ensemble voicings that embellish the sonic palette & evoke deep feelings throughout. Gregory Page is a master songwriter who has the ability to sharply observe and to express these observations in a realistic, sensitive but mostly humorous way – Heaven MagazineCareless Soul is the follow up to Cale Tyson's debut Introducing Cale Tyson and sees his status as prince of the second wave of new traditionalists confirmed. Fighting back against twangless pop country and the backwards baseball cap wearing beery chauvinism of bro country; revisiting and reworking the classic sound of honky tonk and traditional country. Atwentysomething Texan with movie-star looks, Cale Tyso made a splash in Americana circles with a debut steeped in sad, old-time flavours; he can even yodel convincingly, always a useful skill in a singing cowboy – The GuardianWhy choose between an unstoppable force and an unmovable object? The Rotterdam based Dawn Brothers overwhelms the listener like a lighting bolt after which they’ll endure fantastic swamp-like grooves.Musical branches like sixties rock & roll, soul and blues inspire this rather young clique of free birds. They’re committed to pure roots songs along the lines of The Band, CCR and the Rolling Stones, but with the compelling cadence of a steam locomotive.Stayin' Out Late is an exceptional confident debut – Lust For LifeMatt Watts, born in Philadelphia recorded his first songs on his 15th on the banks of the Missouri river in Montana and was featured as a youthful troubadour. Since his arrival in Belgium at the age of 19, he has become a full-fledged singer-songwriter who combines profound respect for the folk tradition with contemporary influences.Matt Watts profiles on his third album as a folky of the caliber of a young Dylan or everlasting young Nick Drake – OORGet in the mood with this Down By The Riverplaylist on Spotify! Click here.The highly anticipated album Itinerant Arias by acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Christopher Paul Stelling arrived in stores last Friday. While Stelling has spent the last several years traveling with just his guitar, Itinerant Arias finds the virtuosic finger picker backed by a cadre of friends and musicians, lending a rollicking energy to a record inspired by traveling through and observing an undeniably tumultuous world.Christopher Paul Stelling arrived on the scene in 2013 with a distinctive sound already formed on his debut record Songs of Praise and Scorn. Over the course of four albums, he has continued to refine that sound to his growing vision of our complex world. With Itinerant Arias he takes a bold and successful step forward as a bandleader and master chronicler of our times. – PopmattersTim Knol's third album Soldier On he sounds more mature. It's an album about a musician who's experienced a lot over a short period of time. On the album you hear the great and less great moments of spending three years on the road. After his recent Lost & Foundtheatre-tour he's finishing his fourth album so maybe we can already hear some new tunes this Sunday!The songs have more layers, are more melodic and more balanced than his previous work. Also the lyrics are his most personal to date and his voice is smoother ánd firmer – OORBaptiste W. Hamon is a singer-songwriter from Paris, France. He sings in his native language French, but his writing and music is largely inspired by American folksingers like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Leonard Cohen, John Prine and Butch Hancock. French-Americana. It seems a contradiction such as Samba from Denmark or Polka from Portugal but Baptiste W. Hamon knows how to connect the French chanson to the Southern states of the United States in such a natural way. – Algemeen DagbladThis illustrious trio consists of former members of the famous streetgrass formation The Pedro Delgados. Three men around a vintage microphone playing banjo, guitar and upright bass. A mix of American traditions, old country, blues, bluegrass, folk and gospel.Armed with strings of steel and wrought from thick sheets of lead! These three upright and swaggering dudes thought they could keep it casual but soon they were cruising down folked-up highways on a weekly basis – KindamuzikWithin this six piece from Nijmegen there is Bear Traa, who is a local superstar from Venlo. Last year Any Vegetable released their debut album Veg Out. Rootsy blues with jazz, country and even some funk influences.Any Vegetable is a new dutch band at the cope of heaven. A needed asset and refreshment with pretty bold material. There's hope on the horizon for these musicians out of Nijmegen and surroundings. It is highly recommended to visit one of these concerts – Blues MagazineSet your clocks. Best not to miss out on anything and especially don't miss out on the newly added location Joriskerk. Click here for the full timeschedule.