In memoriam Jackie Leven

16-11-2011 door johnsmits

Jackie Leven (1950) is op 14 november 2011 overleden aan kanker. Hij was oprichter en frontman van punk-band Doll by Doll, die vier platen uitbracht voordat de in 1983 werd opgeheven. Hij ging als solo-artiest verder en liet als 'soulful storyteller,' zoals hij zichzelf noemde, een  uitgebreide catalogus na. Enige dagen voor zijn dood verscheen het volgende bericht op zijn website:  "Sometimes, you have to tell people about the bad, as well as the good. It is with a heavy heart, therefore, that I have to relate the sad news that the great Scottish singer-songwriter Jackie Leven is gravely ill, suffering from cancer, and, in all candour, has only a few days to live. In a career stretching over 40 years, Jackie Leven has carved an impressive reputation as a uniquely gifted singer-songwriter. From his emergence as leader of the underrated Doll by Doll in the seventies, through well documented addiction problems which Leven overcame with remarkable strength of will, culminating in a solo resurgence through the 1980s to the here and now, Jackie has amassed an amazing body of work – the composer of over 400 songs, including arguably his greatest song – Call Mother, from the album Mystery of Love (ranked by Q magazine as one of '100 Best Albums of All Time'.If sales didn't always reflect the overwhelmingly positive critical reception his albums received, he nonetheless remained a perceptive writer and performer. Jackie was imbued with a restless creativity, and always searching for new settings for his ruminative lyrical forays, laced with humour and melodic grace." Voor een uitgebreid in memoriam: