Nieuwe Unthanks

16 Nov 2014 door johnsmits

The Unthanks hebben hun nieuwe album aangekondigd en tevens de eerste single die van het album wordt uitgebracht middels een video voorgesteld. De single heet Mount the Air en is tevens het titelnummer van het nieuwe album, dat op 9 februari 2015 uitkomt. Vooruit bestellen op de website van the Unthanks levert meteen een download op van de single. "Instant download track while you wait for your album to arriveWhen you buy Mount The Air on CD or vinyl from The Unthanks shop, not only will you be maximising the artist’s financial return from your purchase, if your purchase is a pre-order (bought before the release date), you will get one high quality MP3 track to listen to instantly, by download link. You’ll get this if you order through iTunes too, but we are the only place you can by the physical product and still receive an instant download MP3 to keep you going while the album reaches it’s release date. Want to send it as a Christmas present?Buy from our site, and although the album is not out until February 9th, we will send a Christmas card from you to the receiver, signed by us and giving them the details of when they will receive their gift. For the receiver, Christmas will keep on giving until February! Just choose this option in the order process." Vooruitbestellen